The Sunday Opera: Gaetano Donizetti's "Don Pasquale" from the San Francisco Opera

Oct 12, 2017

The Garden Scene from "Don Pasquale"

Maurizio Muraro stars in the title role of Gaetano Donizetti’s “Don Pasquale” from San Francisco on this week’s Sunday Opera (10/15   3:00 p.m.).  “Pasquale,” the 73rd of Donizetti’s 75 operas, deals with a foolish, old man who is tricked into allowing his nephew Ernesto to marry the girl he loves, Norina, with the help of the wily Dr. Malatesta.  Joining Muraro, in this September 2016 performnance , you’ll hear Heidi Stober as the spirited Norina, Lawrence Brownlee as the confused Ernesto, and Lucas Meachem as the happily scheming Dr. Malatesta.    More of Donizetti’s music is on tap after the opera when host Michael Kownacky will bring you the overture to the rarely performed “Gabriella di Vergy,” his Sinfonia in A major, and the Sinfonia per la morte di Capuzzi.  We’ll close the afternoon with a one-act comic opera by Donizetti entitled “Il Campanello” starring Agnes Baltsa, Enzo Dara, and Angelo Romero.