A Tempo: Sept 9 - Opera Philadelphia's O17 Brings Premieres, Productions in Unusual Venues

Sep 9, 2017

Opera Philadelphia's Inaugural O17 Festival opens this coming week, and in the first of  a two-part series, A Tempo (Saturday 9/9 at 7 pm) takes a look at some of the performances, including productions being held in city museums. Host Rachel Katz will interview Lembit Beecher, whose I Have No Stories To Tell You will be paired with Monteverdi's Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda in a performance at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She will also speak with Marc Scorca, president and CEO of Opera America, about some of the expected highlights at opera companies across the country. 

Composer Lembit Beecher stands in front of the Grand Hall Staircase at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where his opera I Have No Stories to Tell You will be performed as part of Opera Philadelphia's inaugural O17 Festival.