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Migrant Children At The Border

May 30, 2018

With Jane Clayson

Did the U.S. really lose some 1500 migrant children? We’ll look at that and the administration’s new policy on separating families.


Alan Gomez, immigration reporter for USA Today. (@alangomez)

With Jane Clayson

In a speech delivered at Harvard Law School’s 2018 Class Day last Wednesday, U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) criticized President Trump and Congress, saying the presidency has been “debased.”

Find a video and transcript of Senator Flake’s remarks below:

With GPS, Are We 'Never Lost Again'?

May 29, 2018

With Jane Clayson 

How we navigate the world, now. The inside story of the Google mapping revolution. Turn left, at the roundabout.

The Evolution Of Prom

May 25, 2018

With Ray Suarez

We’re going to the prom. The corsages endure, but a lot has changed. Shall we dance?


Amy Best, professor of sociology at George Mason University. Author of: “Prom Night: Youth, Schools and Popular Culture”

With Ray Suarez

On Wednesday, the NFL announced it would fine teams if their football players protest during the National Anthem.

But, according to the new policy, players can skip the pregame ceremonies altogether, and stay in the locker room. President Trump praised the decision, stirring up the controversy yet again.

With Ray Suarez

An 1899 expedition to Alaska found wild beauty and coming environmental calamity. What about now? Best-selling author Mark Adams retraced the trek to find out.

Europe's Response To Pompeo's Iran Speech

May 22, 2018

With Ray Suarez

New Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered his first major foreign policy address Monday, strongly criticizing Iran and its behavior on the world stage.


David Herszenhorn, chief Brussels correspondent for Politico Europe. (@herszenhorn)

Abby Wambach delivered the keynote address at Barnard College last week. She told the 2018 graduating class — the “wolfpack” — to make failure their fuel.
</a> </div> <p><em>Follow this link to read the full transcription: <a href=" https:="">Abby Wambach, Remarks as Delivered

Getting Ready For The Royal Wedding

May 18, 2018

With David Wright

As Meghan Markle gets ready to marry the most eligible bachelor in the world, beyond the fairy tale, there’s a real life conversation to be had about racism and the culture of celebrity. We’ll discuss.

With David Wright

A year after President Trump said coal is back, NPR’s Kelly McEvers goes deep inside coal country for the podcast “Embedded.”


Kelly McEvers, host of the NPR podcast “Embedded,” which is in the midst of a new season called “Coal Stories.” (@kellymcevers)

With David Wright

Writer Michael Pollan turns his attention to psychedelic mushrooms and the new science of psychedelics. He joins us.

The 'Last Cowboys' Of The New American West

May 15, 2018

With Jane Clayson

Behind the most successful rodeo family in history is a story of grit, family, and faith. Meet “The Last Cowboys.”

With Jane Clayson 

A 100-thousand mile journey across America in a single prop plane. Writers James and Deborah Fallows found a country busy remaking itself. We’ll discuss their new book, “Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America“.

With Jane Clayson 

In his commencement speech at Rice Univerisity on Saturday, Michael Bloomberg told Rice graduates they have a special obligation to carry their own honor code forward into their communities — and into the voting booths.

The greatest threat to American democracy, he said, is “our own willingness to tolerate dishonesty in service of party and in pursuit of power.”

The Week Ahead In World Affairs

May 14, 2018

With Jane Clayson

Top reporters open their notebooks and look ahead to the week in Washington and around the globe.


Susan Glasser, staff writer for The New Yorker. Former chief international affairs columnist for Politico and former editor in chief of Foreign Policy magazine. (@sbg1)