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This week on Well-Tempered Baroque, Dr. Lewis Baratz continues his discussion of Portuguese Baroque music, completing a survey of 17th-century music and moving  into the 18th century as Portugal becomes more cosmopolitan.  Music of Pedro de Araujo, Manuel Rodrigues Coelho, Antonio Carreira, Carlos de Seixas, Antonio Teixeira, and Pedro Antonio Avondano.

This week on Well-Tempered Baroque, Dr. Lewis Baratz introduces the music of Portugal during the 17th century.  Locked into a dual monarch with Spain, Portugal's music establishment was conservative owing in part to an absentee monarch so the focus was on sacred music.  Selections by native-born composers Pedro de Cristo, Manuel Cardoso,and Filipe de Magalhães.

This week on Well-Tempered Baroque, Dr. Lewis Baratz explores Bach's chamber music for a solo instrument and harpsichord.  We'll hear examples of a sonata for flute and harpsichord, violin and harpsichord, and viola da gamba and harpsichord.

This week on Well-Tempered Baroque, the rise of the violin as a virtuoso instrument.  Music of Biagio Martini, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Arcangelo Corelli, Francesco Geminiani, and Giuseppe Tartini. That's Friday at 11 pm.

This week on Well-Tempered Baroque, Dr. Lewis Baratz concludes a discussion of German composers of the 18th century who were influenced by Lully and the taste of the court at Versailles.  Perhaps a few surprises, as the Francophiles this week were also champions of German music:  Dieterich Buxtahude, George Frideric Handel, George Philipp Telemann, and the incomparable Johann Sebastian Bach.

In this episode, Dr. Lewis Baratz continues to explore the German Francophiles, the German-speaking composers of th 17th and early 18th centuries who dabbled and often mastered the musical style of the court of Versailles.  Music of Johann Joseph Fux, Johan Schenk, Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, and Christian Herwich. 

This week on Well-Tempered Baroque, Dr. Lewis Baratz explores the German Francophiles of the 17th and early 18th centuries.  Learn about and hear the exquisite music of German composers who wrote in music tradition of Paris and Versailles during the age of Louis XIV.  Music by Muffat, Kusser, Pez, and Richmann.

This week Dr. Lewis Baratz concludes his discussion of the early Baroque madrigal with an works of Giaches de Wert, Sigismondo d'India, and a close look at the 8 books of madrigal of Claudio Monteverdi.

Well-Tempered Baroque 8-18-2017: The Madrigal

Aug 17, 2017

This week on Well-Tempered Baroque Dr. Lewis Baratz explores the madrigal in Italy and England during the transition period of the late Renaissance to the early Baroque.  Music of Thomas Morley, John Mundy, Girolamo Dalla Casa, Benedetto Pallavinco, Carl Gesauldo, and Michelangelo Rossi.