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It's the music of 15th century Flemish composer Alexander Agricola on this week's Distant Mirror.  Agricola's music is rarely performed today because of its difficulty and eccentricity, but Paul van Nevel has long been a champion of  lost causes and has arranged mass movements of Agricola's into a musical quilt which he calls the Missa Guzzzabuglio (which translates as "mishmash" mass).  Van Nevel directs the Huelgas Ensemble.

Shana tova!  To coincide with the Jewish High Holy Days, the focus will be on movies and television series inspired by the Jewish experience.  Join Ross Amico for music from “Exodus” (Ernest Gold), “Avalon” (Randy Newman), “Holocaust” (Morton Gould), and “Heritage:  Civilization and the Jews” (John Duffy), this Friday at 6 pm.

This Sunday evening (9-17) on Half Past we'll hear Peter Boyer's "Silver Fanfare," Peter Maxwell Davies' "Suite from Act II of Caroline Mathilde" & "Rose of the Winds" by Stephen Hartke.  Music from the past half century Sundays at 11 PM.

The Lost Chord: September 17 - French Connections

Sep 17, 2017

It’s music by French composers better known for their skill as orchestrators of others’ works.  Join Ross Amico for original compositions by Henri Rabaud (orchestrator of Gabriel Fauré’s “Dolly Suite”), André Caplet (orchestrator of Claude Debussy’s “Children’s Corner,” “Clair de lune,” “Le Martyre de saint Sébastien,” and “La Boite à joujoux”), Henri Büsser (orchestrator of Debussy’s “Petite Suite” and “Printemps”) and Charles Koechlin (orchestrator of Fauré’s “Pelléas et Mélisande” and Debussy’s “Khamma”).  These musical Cyranos emerge from the shadow of Roxane’s balcony, Sunday at 10 pm.

This week on the Lyric Stage (9/17) , excerpts from Luisa Miller, one of the last operas of Giuseppe Verdi's early period, a time of development that led to his breakthrough with the threesome of Rigoletto, Traviata and Trovatore shortly after the premiere of Luisa Miller.

This week on Well-Tempered Baroque, Dr. Lewis Baratz concludes a discussion of German composers of the 18th century who were influenced by Lully and the taste of the court at Versailles.  Perhaps a few surprises, as the Francophiles this week were also champions of German music:  Dieterich Buxtahude, George Frideric Handel, George Philipp Telemann, and the incomparable Johann Sebastian Bach.

Music of the Hundred Years' War on this week's Distant Mirror, that on-again, off-again struggle between England and France in the 14th and 15th centuries that was set against a backdrop of plague, peasant revolts and papal politics.  Gothic Voices performs sacred and secular  music from both sides.   Pieces by John Dunstable, Phillipe de Vitry, Pierre des Molins and others.  Join Allan Kelly Friday night at 10.

Picture Perfect: September 15 - The Restoration

Sep 15, 2017

Get out the pancake makeup, and don’t skimp on the beauty marks.  This week on “Picture Perfect,” the focus will be on Charles II and the Restoration.  Join Ross Amico for music from the film “Restoration” (James Newton Howard), “The King’s Thief” (Miklós Rózsa), “The Draughtsman’s Contract” (Michael Nyman), and “Forever Amber” (David Raksin), this Friday at 6 pm.



This Wednesday on Curtis Calls, flutist Niles Watson is joined by faculty pianist Michelle Cann in the Sonata by Pierre Dubois.  Emma Resimini, flute and Clara Gerdes perform the Sonata No. 2 by faculty member David Ludwig.  Also on the program is Mendelssohn's String Quartet No. 6 played by violinists Stephen Kim and Brandon Garbot, violist Zsche Chuang Rimbo Wong & cellist Audrey Anne.