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Giuseppe di Stefano was called the bad boy of opera for choosing an exuberant life style over of a complete dedication to his art. But many still say he was one of the great tenors of the twentieth century and his early recordings show us why.

The Lives of the Saints.

An All-Beethoven Curtis Calls Monday at 11 pm

Apr 12, 2017

This week features Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 18 and the String Quartet in F major, op. 18 no. 1.

Performances by: Chelsea Wang, piano, Brandon Garbot, violin, Grace Clifford, violin, En-Chi Cheng, viola, Timotheos Petrin, cello.

Settings of the Song of Songs.

Half Past: April 9th

Apr 9, 2017

Symphony No. 6 by Malcolm Arnold

Wind Quintet No. 2 by Jean Francaix

Russian Photographs by Rodion Shchedrin


The salon opera was a staple of the 19th century, and this week we have Pauline Viardot's one act Cendrillon. Based on Cinderella, it is more comic than tragic. She first presented it at her famous Parisian salon in 1904.