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This Friday, Dr. Lewis Baratz continues his look the most celebrated of all musical families:  The Bachs of Thuringia.  Well-Tempered Baroque's It's All in the Family mini-series focuses on favorite cousins of Johann Sebastian Bach:  Johann Ludwig and Johann Bernhard.

It's the music of Orlando Gibbons and William Lawes on this week's Distant Mirror as Fretwork performs consort music for viols from the early Stuart period in England: Fantasies, pavans, almans and In Nomines.   Fretwork is joined by lutenist Christopher Wilson and organist Paul Nicholson.  Join Allan Kelly Friday night at 10.

Picture Perfect: December 1 - Disasters at Sea

Dec 1, 2017

With “Titanic” back in theaters for its 20th anniversary, we’ll hear selections from James Horner’s most famous score.  The “Titanic” soundtrack sold over 30 million copies, making it the highest-selling primarily orchestral soundtrack of all time.  We’ll round out the hour with more oceanic agony, with music from “Raise the Titanic” (John Barry), “The Perfect Storm” (James Horner), “A Night to Remember” (William Alwyn), and “The Poseidon Adventure” (John Williams).  “Titanic” is just the tip of the iceberg, this Friday at 6 pm. 

Wednesday, 11-29 on Curtis Calls the Zora String Quartet performs quartets by Bartok & Mozart.  Performances from student recitals at the Curtis Institute of Music, Wednesdays at noon and Monday evenings at 10.

This week on Between the Keys, Jed Distler celebrates the centenary of one of America's most gifted yet least known pianists, Sidney Foster. Distler's special guest will be internationally renowned concert pianist Alberto Reyes, who studied with Foster, and has devoted much time to promoting  his mentor's legacy.

The program features live concert performances of Sidney Foster in works by Chopin, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Godowsky, Schelling, Liszt and Weber.

This Sunday (11-26) on Half Past we'll hear Peruvian composer Jimmy Lopez's "Lord of the Air" for cello and orchestra and "The Named Angels" performed by the Del Sol String Quartet.  Half Past: music from the past half century.

The Lost Chord: November 26 - Homebodies

Nov 26, 2017

With the lingering evidence of Thanksgiving both in our refrigerators and around our waistlines, it’s hardly surprising that our thoughts and memories would be full of home.  With that in mind, we’ll have music by American composers inspired by the idea of home, including Aaron Copland’s “Letter from Home” (1943-44) and John Fitz Rogers “Magna Mysteria” (2010).  Make yourself at home, this Sunday at 10 pm.

Join us Sunday night at 8PM for The Lyric Stage and Alexander Zemlinsky's complete one act,  A Florentine Tragedy.