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Half Past: June 4

Jun 4, 2017

Join us Sunday, 6/4 at 11 PM for Stephen Douglas Burton's Symphony No. 2, "Ariel" and "A Letter" by Lee Hoiby.  Music from the past half century on Half Past.

The Lost Chord: June 4

Jun 4, 2017

Come on In, the Water's Fine - Music for Rusalka Week

This week on the Lyric Stage we have a recording in English of Cavaleria Rusticana from 1927, in a superior performance and with excellent restored sound. The recording is by the soloists, chorus and orchestra of the British National Opera Company, a company active from 1920 until 1929, which had a strong commitment to opera in English just as its spiritual successor the, English National Opera, does today.

Join Dr. Lewis Baratz this week as he discusses "Saints, Sinners, and Shepherds" this Friday (6/2) at 11 pm.  Works by Draghi, Drouard de Bousset (featuring soprano Laura Heimes), Handel (featuring Roberta Invernizzi), and Vivaldi (countertenor Daniel Moody with local period instrument ensemble La Fiocco).  

Leonin and Perotin were, successively, masters of music at Notre Dame cathedral, Paris, around the year 1200, just after the great edifice was built, and they were the first composers that we know of who employed polyphony, Leonin for two voices and Perotin for four, and on Friday's Distant Mirror you can hear their Viderunt Omnes and Sederunt Principes performed by the Early Music Consort of London and the Hilliard Ensemble.  There's also some secular music  on the program as the Newberry Consort perform selections from their CD Il Solazzo.

Picture Perfect: June 2 - The Age of Chivalry

Jun 2, 2017

Ladies, lords, and gentlepersons all... Hearken ye to Ross Amico for sweet airs from movies set in the Age of Chivalry.  Peradventure ye will encounter sounds and delights from “The Warlord” (Jerome Moross), “El Cid” (Miklós Rózsa), “Lionheart” (Jerry Goldsmith), and “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (Erich Wolfgang Korngold).  Verily, chivalry is not dead, Friday at 6 pm.

Curtis Calls: May 31

May 31, 2017

Curtis Calls features songs by Saint-Saëns, Vaughan Williams, Schumann, Britten, J.S Bach and more, sung by students from the Curtis Institute of Music. Performances by: Sophia Fiuza Hunt, mezzo-soprano; Patrick Wilhelm, baritone; Donald St.

Between the Keys May 30/Point Counterpoint

May 30, 2017

Join Jed Distler on Tuesday May 30th at 10 PM for Between the Key, in an episode devoted to a wide range of contrapuntal keyboard music. Composers include Frescobaldi, Scarlatti, Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, Handel, Mozart, Ligeti, Thelonious Monk, Valentin Bibik, Larry Bell and Friedrich Gulda.