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This week (11-22 at noon, repeated 11-27 at 10 PM) we'll hear Curtis students perform Ernest Bloch's Suite for Viola & Piano and the "Cloud Trio" by Kaija Saariaho on Curtis Calls.

Between the Keys November 21st/"Leftovers?"

Nov 21, 2017

The big question on the day after Thanksgiving: What do we do with the leftovers? Answer: Simply create another great meal! And that's what Jed Distler has been up to this week.

"When I put together an episode for Between the Keys each week," Jed says, "I often wind up with more music than I'm allowed within our time frame. So I decided to search past episodes for selections that got bumped, the 'leftovers,' if you will, and from them I've created a very nice program. They're not just leftovers, they're yummy additions to any excellent musical meal!"

This Sunday (11/19) on Half Past we'll hear music of two Canadian composers, R. Murray Schafer and Marjan Mozetich along with Six Encores by Luciano Berio.  Music from the past half century.

The Lost Chord: November 19 - Fur Love and Valor

Nov 19, 2017

You can tune an orchestra, but you can't tun-a fish.  We put the “cat” in Catalan music with selections from Xavier Montsalvatge’s one-act opera “Puss in Boots,” this Sunday at 10 pm. 

The Lyric Stage: Nov. 19 - Mozart's Idomeneo

Nov 19, 2017

Mozart wrote Idomeneo to fulfill a commission from Karl Theodor, Elector of Bavaria, who wanted a new opera for a court carnival. For Mozart and his librettist Giambattista Varesco, the commission was a big opportunity, but there were conditions. Theodor wanted an Opera Seria, "serious opera", the style that dominated much of the 18th century, more or less in the elevated classicist vein of Gluck.

Host James Jordan welcomes one of the most popular and performed contemporary choral composers in the world, Eric Whitacre, on Sounds Choral this Sunday (11/19). Whitacre will share some recordings of his music that he particularly enjoys, and also will discuss some of his current projects. 

This week on Well-Tempered Baroque, Dr. Lewis Baratz focuses on the COUPERIN family, France's long-standing dynasty of musicians.  Music by Louis Couperin, François Couperin (aka François II or François le Grand), Armand-Louis Couperin, and cousin Marc Roger Normand, called Coprino.

The Old Hall Manuscript is the largest, most complete and most significant source of English sacred music from the 14th century and on Friday's Distant Mirror you can hear selected motets from the manuscript with countertenor Russell Oberlin performing, accompanied by tenor Charles Bressler and baritone  Gordon Myers. Join Allan Kelly at 10 


The Classical Network in Concert presents the latest in our IRIS Wired series Friday (11/17) at 8 pm, entitled "The Natural World." Conductor Michael Stern conducts the IRIS Orchestra in works depicting the natural wonders, including Virgil Thomson's score to the 1937 documentary "The River," Giacomo Puccini's Chrysanthemums and Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 6.

Get ready for Thanksgiving, with music from “Plymouth Adventure” (Miklós Rózsa), “Friendly Persuasion” (Dimitri Tiomkin), “Our Town” (Aaron Copland), and the building-the-barn sequence from “Witness” (Maurice Jarre).  There’s not a turkey among them, this Friday at 6 pm.