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Johannes Ockeghem was the leading composer of the Franco-Flemish school in the last part of the 15th century and the most influential composer between Dufay and Josquin.  On Friday night's Distant Mirror you can hear one of his cantus firmus  masses, the  Missa Ccaput in a performance by the Clerks' Group directed by Edward Wickham.  Join Allan Kelly at 10.

The obsolescence of the gunfighter.  The free-ranging cowboy fenced off by barbed wire.  Horses replaced by automobiles.  The land of limitless possibility and moral certitude, subdivided and spoiled by industrialization.  Once-heroic figures ride slowly into the sunset, or are killed, their qualities unrecognized, perhaps even willfully rejected, by those who come after.  Autumn comes to the Old West, this Friday at 6 pm.


This Week (11-8 at noon & 11-13 at 10 PM) on Curtis Calls, from the graduation recital of violinist Timmy Chooi:  Beethoven's "Spring" Sonata and Edvard Grieg's Sonata No. 3 in c minor.  Then Timmy's brother Nikki, a 2012 Curtis graduate, joins him for Pablo de Sarasate's "Navarra."  Performances from student recitals at the Curtis Institute, Wednesdays at noon and Monday evenings at 10.

Between the Keys November 7th- Winging It

Nov 7, 2017

Each episode of Between the Keys usually has a theme or topic, a featured composer or performer. This time, however, host Jed Distler "wings it,"  picking music spontaneously, in free form fashion. You never know what you'll hear next, but you will come away entertained and enlightened.

Listen live on Tuesday November 7th at 10:00 PM, with a rebroadcast on Monday November 13th at 3:00 PM.

This Sunday (11-5 at 11 PM) we'll hear Stephen Albert's "Wind Canticle," the Sextet op. 114 for winds & strings by Vagn Holmboe & the 3rd Symphony, "Prisms" by James Yannatos.  Music from the past half century on Half Past.

The Lost Chord: November 5 - Notions Eleven

Nov 5, 2017

Celebrate the eleventh month with music of an autumnal nature, including Sir Arnold Bax’s ravishing tone poem, “November Woods,” and George Lloyd’s Symphony No. 10, “November Journeys.”  Lloyd’s symphony was commissioned by the BBC for the Northern Brass Ensemble. The commission coincided with the composer’s exploration by rail of a number of English cathedrals.  All aboard, this Sunday night at 10 pm.

This Sunday on Sounds Choral (11/5), Ryan Brandau, Artistic Director of Princeton Pro Musica, will lead listeners through a spotlight on Cambridge. He’ll sample some vintage recordings of the choirs of King’s College under Willcocks and Ledger and St. John’s College under George Guest. He’ll also share some recent sounds from Cambridge’s excellent mixed voice choirs, including recent recordings from Clare College Choir and Trinity College Choir. This beautiful afternoon of music highlights the astonishing diversity of sounds produced within one square mile!