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This week on Curtis Calls we'll hear the Octet for Winds by Stravinsky along with music from the graduation recital of bassoonist Pearson Altizer by Marcel Bitsch, John Steinmetz and Richard Lavenda.

Join Jed Distler for another Between the Keys episode featuring music that's new, old and unexpected, with works by Joan Trimble, J.S. Bach, Bill Evans, Matthias Weckmann, Franz Liszt, Edward Elgar, Mieczyslaw Weinberg, Joseph Haydn, Carl Ruggles, Ken Thomson and Leonard Bernstein.

Performers include Bruce Poser, Donald Garvelmann, Andrew Violette, Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Gustav Leonhardt, Jerome Rose, David Golub, Allison Brewster Franzetti, Raymond Trouard, Michael Boriskin, Karl Lawson, and the Alexander Wu/Sasha Papernik duo

This Sunday evening (8/20) at 11 we'll hear Tina Davidson's "Delight of Angels" for string quartet, John Duffy's "Heritage Suite" for orchestra and Daniel McCarthy's "All the West was Moving" for string quartet and bassoon.  Half Past: music from the past half century.

The Lost Chord: August 20 - Creating Space

Aug 20, 2017

In anticipation of Monday’s solar eclipse, Ross Amico looks to the heavens, with three works inspired by the cosmos:  Joaquin Rodrigo’s “In Search of the Beyond” (dedicated to NASA), Enrique Granados’ “Song of the Stars,” and Kaija Saariaho’s “Orion.”  Keep watching the skies, this Sunday at 10 pm.

In 2014, Opera Lafayette in Washington,  D. C. used Francois Philidor's Les Femmes Vengees as the third act to a shortened French version of Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte. Using the same cast and set as Cosi on the same night, Opera Lafayette placed Philidor's piece ten years later. The stories are very similar. They share interwoven themes of love and infidelity, temptation and flirtation, the one (“Così fan Tutte”) during courtship, and the other (“Les Femmes Vengées”) after the first bloom of marriage has faded.

Anonymous 4 refers to 14th century Florentine composer Francesco Landini as the "Italian master of subtle refinement" and on Friday's Distant Mirror you can hear them perform several of his love songs from their cd The Second Circle.  Landini was also a singer, poet, organist and maker of instruments. His secular music was loved all over Europe and influenced many later composers.  Also on the program: Julian Bream performs several Elizabethan and Jacobean lute pieces.

The unprecedented success of “Star Wars” propelled the western to outer space.  What is little known is that “Star Wars” composer John Williams, like many of his contemporaries, scored a number of actual, old school westerns.  Join Ross Amico for a Williams’ western round-up, including music from “The Cowboys,” “The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing,” “The Missouri Breaks,” and “The Rare Breed,” this Friday at 6 pm.

Well-Tempered Baroque 8-18-2017: The Madrigal

Aug 17, 2017

This week on Well-Tempered Baroque Dr. Lewis Baratz explores the madrigal in Italy and England during the transition period of the late Renaissance to the early Baroque.  Music of Thomas Morley, John Mundy, Girolamo Dalla Casa, Benedetto Pallavinco, Carl Gesauldo, and Michelangelo Rossi.