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 ~ Saturday ~

02:00:00 ~ JazzWorks with Osei Chandler

JazzWorks is…

…classic recordings by many of the legends of American music.

…new music by emerging artists from all over the world, presented by hosts who know the music and the artists.

…an entertaining, engaging tour of an American treasure.

18:00:00 ~ Cadillac Blues with Ron Ungarini
Sit back on your Saturday evening and enjoy a full hour of nothing but The Blues.

19:00:00 ~ Beale Street Caravan with Pat Mitchell-Worley & Kevin Cubbins
Join us as we celebrate Memphis/New Orleans restauranteur (and BSC community partner) Karen Carrier's 15th year bringing great music and food to Midtown. We have the best of both worlds as New Orleans and Memphis collide in today's show featuring The Wild Magnolia Mardi Gras Indians and Jack Oblivian. BSC contributor Robert Gordon returns to continue his series on the History of Hi Records.

20:00:00 ~ Latin Perspective with Tony Vasquez
Latin Perspective radio show features the best in contemporary and classic Latin Jazz Music.  Presenting music from the contemporary artists of today who continue the tradition along with the early pioneers and innovators, the prominent figures and architects who created the music.   In addition, it informs its diverse audience about the roots and history of the music and the multitude of rhythms and musical styles that define the tradition and make it a rich and dynamic music genre.

21:00:00 ~ Café Jazz with Gene Knight
Three hours of Big Band, Bebop and Beyond Café Jazz is a mix of original vinyl recordings with contemporary jazz releases on CD.  The show is energetic, classic and classy.  It is filled with lots of fulsome big band sounds, with horns that swing so hard you can almost see the suited gents moving in sync.  The show also features the very best of the Bebop era and Straight Ahead jazz.  It's a feel-good program that is all about having a good time with the music.

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